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Results from a Study of
EcoBlanket® and EcoBerm®:

Runoff Characteristics and Sediment Retention
Under Simulated Rainfall Conditions

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SDSU/SERL Project Reference No. 2001-01-REX

January 6, 2002

Tested and Reported by the


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San Diego, CA 92182
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The data from this series of tests appear to support the use of EcoBlanket® and EcoBerm® to reduce runoff and off-site delivery of sediment from steep slopes. A modest reduction in runoff water volumes – approximately 26% for the EcoBerm® and 31% for the EcoBlanket® – illustrates that one of the beneficial functions of compost is to slow runoff water velocities and retain a certain amount of water within its organic matrix. Figures 3.9 and 3.11 appear to support a conclusion that once saturated, compost releases water at a steady rate. This is important because with some soils, total absorption of runoff water might not be beneficial for slope stability or establishment of vegetation.

The data also illustrates that the specific Rexius compost/mulch blend, as tested, reduced off-site sediment delivery by nearly 100% for both the EcoBerm® and the EcoBlanket®. Figures 3.10 and 3.12 demonstrate that erosion rate/sediment delivery, like runoff volume, occurs at a relatively constant rate throughout the storm period.

Previous testing at the SDSU Soil Erosion Research Laboratory has demonstrated the effectiveness of various surface treatments – such as hydraulically-applied soil binders, bonded fiber matrices and rolled erosion control products – to control soil erosion. Recent tests have also shown that the installation of slope interrupter devices (SIDs) can provide highly effective means of soil erosion control and runoff reduction. The results of this study illustrate that a proper application of an EcoBlanket® and/or the construction of an EcoBerm® at the toe of slopes can accomplish the same level of erosion control performance as many of these other conventional erosion control technologies.

* A complete copy of the SDSU test results can be downloaded by clicking the icon on the left side bar.

SDSU/SERL Project Reference No. 2002-01-Rex
January 2002

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