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Conversion Chart

Some Common Metric Abbreviations

Abbreviation Measurement

Mgm/ha/year =      megagram per hectare per year
L = liter
ha = hectares
kg = kilogram = 1x 103 grams
m = meter
km = kilometer = 1x 103 meters
mm = millimeter
Mgm = megagram = 1x105 grams
kN/m3 = kiloNewtons per cubic meter
Pa = Pascal

Measurement In: From English Units: To Metric Units: Multiply By:

LENGTH inch (in) millimeter (mm) 25.40
foot (ft) meter (m) 0.3048
yard (yd) meter (m) 0.9144
mile (mi) kilometer (km) 1.609

AREA in2 mm2 645.2
ft2 m2 0.0929
yd2 m2 0.8361
mi2 km2 2.590
acre hectare (ha) 0.4047
acre in2 4047

Familiar Conversions to Metric Units:
LENGTH Thickness of a Dime 1 mm
Diameter of a ballpoint pen   10 mm
Length of a paper clip 30 mm
Length of a dollar bill 150 mm
Height of a Door 2 m
Length of a football field 100 m
Width of a piece of paper 85mm

WEIGHT Large paper clip 1 gram (g)
Nickel 5 g
Large Apple 50 g
Size "D" Battery 100 g
Large Can of Tomatoes 1 kilogram (kg)

TEMPERATURE    Water Freezes 0 degrees Celcius (°C)
Body Temperature 37 °C
Water Boils 100 °C

* Reference: Metric Basics. 1994. Oregon Department Of Transportation, Project

Metric Conversion Factors

Quantity From SI Units To English Units Divided By

Length km mile 1.609
m yard 0.9144
m foot 0.3048
mm inch 25.4

Area km2 square mile 2.59
m2 acre 4047
hectare acre 0.404
m2 square yard 0.836
m2 square foot 0.092
mm2 square inch 645.2

Volume m3 acre foot 1233
m3 cubic yard 0.764
m3 cubic foot 0.028
L(1000 cm3) cubic foot 28.32
m3 1000 board feet 2.36
L(1000 cm3) gallon 3.785
cm3 cubic inch 16.39

Mass kg pound mass
lb.-mass, 1 bn,

Mass Density kg/m3 lb.-mass/ft 16.02

Force N lb. 4.448
kN kip 4.448

Force/Unit Length N/m lbs/ft 14.59
kN/m kips/ft 14.59

Force/Unit Area,
Pressure Stress,
Modulus of Elasticity
kPa lbs/in2 6.895
MPa Kips/in2 6.895
Pa lbs/ft2 47.88
kPa kips/ft2 47.88

Force/Volume Unit Weight   N/m3 lbs/ft3 157.1
kN/m3 kips/ft3 157.1

Bending Moment,
Torque Moment of Force
kN-m ft-lb 1.356
ft-kip 1.356

Work Nm lb-ft 1.355818

Energy Joules ft-lb 1.355818

Volume Rate of Flow in 3/S ft3 0.02832
in 3/S cfin 0.000472
L/s c fm 0.4719
in 3/S m d 0.0438

Temperature °C °F (°F-32°)/1.8

Velocity, Seed m/s ft/s 0.3048

Acceleration m/s2 ft/s2 0.3048

Ref. FHWA Geotechnical Metrication Guidelines

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