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List of Equals

EcoBerm®… replaces:
Silt fence
Straw bales
Waddles/fiber rolls
Other synthetic barriers

EcoBlanket®… replaces:
Jute netting/blankets
Curled wood fiber blanket
Wood fiber blankets
Straw mulch/blankets
Coconut fiber blankets/netting
Plastic netting/mesh
Synthetic fiber w/ netting
Bonded synthetic fibers

Terraseeding™ w/ EcoBlanket®… replaces:
List above plus…
Hydroseeding w/ straw mulch cover
Bonded fiber matrix
Combined specification line items including final grade, soil application, seeding, mulch cover and tacking agent

Filtrexx Filter Sock™… replaces:
Bio bags
Waddles/fiber rolls
Ditch checks
Storm drain inserts
Reinforced silt fence
Other synthetic barriers

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